Man Loves Swimming Together With His Huge Friend, A Polar Bear!

Man Loves Swimming Together With His Huge Friend, A Polar Bear!

The polar bear is the largest land predator, and the only bear that exclusively eats meat. When encountered in the wild or in captivity, polar bears are extremely dangerous and can easy rip a person to shreds. But, for Mark Dumas, one polar bear is hardly a threat. In fact, it’s his friend.

Hugging this massive mammal and swimming with it in a pool, Mark proves that even the deadliest predators can have a soft, gentle side. However, it’s important to understand the key to their friendship. You cannot merely “befriend” a polar bear; it takes years of care and trust to develop any sort of relationship with a predatory animal. So let’s roll back the clock.

In 1995, Mark and his wife, Dawn, adopted this female polar bear, whom they named Agee. At the time, Agee was only six weeks old and was just a tiny bear cub, which made her easy to handle and train. They bottle fed her and let her play with the family dogs, and that year, she even appeared in the film Alaska.

Nowadays, Mark and Dawn train Agee to perform in high-budget advertisements, although they spend most of their days playing together. Mark is not afraid of putting his head in Agee’s huge jaws, but he’s probably the only person who can do this and survive.

Watch him and Agee in action in the video below:


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