Poachers Kill Rhino to Steal His Horn, Heartbroken Vet Completely Goes to Pieces

Poachers Kill Rhino to Steal His Horn, Heartbroken Vet Completely Goes to Pieces

Poachers and hunters are abundant in the Kariega Game Reserve woods located in South Africa. Since there are rhinos existing the deep forests, some evil people always find a way to hunt them for their horns which is then sold in an invaluable amount. 

When Dr William Fowlds found three rhinos lying in a pool of their own blood without horns, he was broken-hearted.

While one of the rhinos couldn’t be saved, the other two, Thandi and Themba, were immediately treated for their injuries. Fortunately, the bleeding from their faces could be stopped in time and it seemed like they were spared from a young death. But the worst was yet to come.

The female, Thandi had deep injuries on her face while the male, Themba had cut-off circulation in his legs.

Nevertheless, the vet didn’t give up.

YouTube/ Kariega Game Reserve Eastern Cape

Themba’s had a walking disability even after the treatment. And one day, the very disability caused his death when he fell into a water hole.

If Dr Fowlds was broken-hearted in the beginning, he was devastated after Themba’s sudden death. He burst into tears fueled with helplessness and pain. Thandi was all that remained.

YouTube/ Kariega Game Reserve Eastern Cape

It’s as if fate then decided to take a turn for the better.

Blood tests on Thandi showed that she was going to have a baby!

The journey of the female rhino’s pregnancy and the eventual birth of her child has all been captured in this lovely video. Her calf has been named Thembi, which meant hope in the Xhosa language.

Hopefully, the poachers will be soon arrested and brought to justice.

Check out the video to see the Themba and the birth of her lovely baby along with Dr Fowlds taking care of them on every step of the walk.


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