Student Matadors Caught Red-Handed Murdering Young Bulls And Giving Away Their Body Parts

Student Matadors Caught Red-Handed Murdering Young Bulls And Giving Away Their Body Parts

A video of student bullfighters, some who are under 18, torturing young bulls to death has surfaced on the internet, and it is horrifying.

By now, animal rights campaigners have condemned the video in absolute rage. One of the clips shows the bull’s ears being cut off and being given to children while the other one received a tail.

One of the matadors has blood on his face as if the bull gave a fight while trying to survive.

According to activists from Animal Guardians and La Tortura No Es Cultura (Torture Is Not Culture), this was done on the behalf of an annual tradition in Cordoba. This tradition pays homage to Cordovan women.

However, Animal Guardians’ Marta Esteban said, “Every year they do this calf-fighting and they say they do it as a homage to Cordovan women,
Very few people attend, about 2,000 in a 17,000-capacity bullring. They also do it to promote the students learning bullfighting at different bullfighting schools in Andalusia.”

She added:

“The ear and/or tail of the animals are offered to the bullfighters if they perform well and then these are given to the public as a ‘present’.

One of the animals is still alive when the ear is cut off. The other ear is moving while they do that.
We cannot know the exact age of the bullfighting students involved. Some look under 18. They can kill animals from 14 years on. So those would be the ones actually torturing and performing in the bullfight.

Then there are spectators of any age and those who are invited into the bullring in their typical Cordovan costumes to pick up the ears.”

According to many campaigners, these claves already go through a lot during the events since the inexperienced matadors don’t know how to handle them properly.

Right now, they’re encouraging women to fight against this by sending complaints to council chiefs in Cordoba.

Aside from this, the hashtag #NoQuieroTuHomenaje, which translates as ‘I do not want your homage’, is making its way around Twitter and other social media.


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