Woman Broke The Plank Record By Holding It For Four Hours

Woman Broke The Plank Record By Holding It For Four Hours

Superhuman feats of strength had attracted the stone age people to one another. In our times, while the meaning of strength, fitness, and exercises has changed, it's still human nature to gasp at feats of strength and endurance. Some are genuinely awe-inspiring, and here we bring you one such paradigm.

An average human can hold a plank for five minutes at a stretch, after which their core would be on fire. Well, fitness blogger, Dana Glowacka went through a plank for over four hours. Now, that's some core. Right?

By planking for four hours and 20 minutes, she was able to smash the Women's International Planking Record. The previous record holder was Maria Kalimera from Cyprus that managed to hold a plank for three hours and 31 minutes.

At the First International Plank Training Conference, the woman from Montreal showed everybody what real strength was. To elaborate on how tremendous her record is, before her, the record was held by a person who planked for three hours and 30 minutes, while Dana’s was four hours and twenty minutes. Therefore, not only did she smash through the old record, but she also did it by approximately an hour.

In a display of sibling support and affection amidst such an adrenaline-fuelled environment, this fitness enthusiast’s brother came after a 24-hour trip to be with her. He stood by to watch her as she broke the record.

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