Family Gives Everything to Caring for 3000 Stray Dogs, A Dog Lovers Dream!

Family Gives Everything to Caring for 3000 Stray Dogs, A Dog Lovers Dream!

Every dog lovers dream can be found at this place here, there are around three thousand dogs or all shapes, sizes, and races, wagging their tails pretty much 24 hours a day between them!
This animal shelter is really special, it’s completely real, that’s right you’re not dreaming, it does exist, in Taiwan!

Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary is a family own place and opened five years ago, the dogs absolutely outnumber the people who are there and all because of the sheer number of stray dogs.

That number of stray dogs that are there now kept growing bigger and bigger, until one day a great Samaritan donated to them a large facility to house the shelter with all the dogs they had and will have as they grow!

Now it has reached the size you see it today as it houses over three thousand doggies!

There are many upon many volunteers who give their time freely to look after the dogs, Angel Wang started volunteering at the shelter about four years ago as she noticed that the number of dogs there was growing bigger and bigger.

There are so many homeless dogs that the shelter just seems to keep growing, will it ever stop?

“I really love dogs, but especially the stray dogs …Because there are so many, our shelter has become the largest one in Taiwan,” Wang said.

In February 2017 Taiwan became the first country in history to ban the euthanasia of stray dogs to control their population. What they do now, since then is giving a greater priority to spray and neuter the dogs.

This is simply awesome and hopefully a sign of things to come in the future of a civilized world.

Now shelters like Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary are really setting the standard of how to do things and to raise awareness about the seriousness and impacts of breeding indiscriminately.

The strays really came from different backgrounds, some were from, as you would imagine, strays, but others were rescued from motorbike accidents or gin traps, which are steel sprung constructed traps used by farmers to keep animals away from their crops.

“We have a vet in our shelter, but if the dog has an injury that is too critical, they’re brought to a local animal hospital …We have a number of dogs with missing legs or paralysis in the back legs,” Wand added.

The shelter has full-time employees, volunteers, vets, groomers, even a guy to make special doggies wheelchairs and supports. There is even a special room for the stray dogs to sleep and another room for cats!
The man strays are well used to living together and are allowed to go out into the doggie park during the daytime, they can play and go for walks with volunteers!

Wang has one on one time and even met her best friend, a shaggy grey dog who had just been brought in at the time.

Wand also mentioned: “She was immediately very kind to me and wanted to sit on the floor and play all day ..Every time I’d go in to volunteer, she would spot me and would walk beside me for the rest of the day. I eventually started calling her Huei Huei, which means ‘gray’.”

Time passed by and months passed, Huei Huei spent time in the shelter and it turned into years, then in March 2017, she brought her home!

“She touched my heart …We became such good friends” added

People work around the clock to care for these animals and what a great job they do!

Wang said finally:

“I love being with the dogs and seeing them happy …Their smiles are my favorite part.”


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