Meet Wally, The Bunny With The Biggest Wing-Like Ears -->

Meet Wally, The Bunny With The Biggest Wing-Like Ears

Wally is a beautiful angora rabbit that has become an internet sensation due to his beautiful ears that look like angel wings. 

Many families around the globe love owning angora rabbits because they have such soft fur that is softer than a teddy bear. They tend to be happy animals, too, that bounce around and play with their owners. Known for having a pleasant expression on their faces, these are very sought after animals. 

Wally’s photos are just several of the many spiraling around the internet that has helped angora rabbits gain back some fame and excitement around the globe.

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Aaanndd Meet Wally’s Friends

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Suki has an announcement to make: "I'm okay! I miss my best friend Wally, but I'm okay!" Suki loved and admired Wally so much. Even when they were first bonding and Wally turned into what I called the "evil dragon-bunny," Suki never gave up trying to be his friend. It was always so funny to me how she'd run to safety on the patches of hardwood floor in my room. Wally would ferociously chase her up to the edge of the carpet and then he'd be too scared to run on the wood. 😆 He was quite fierce and confident ... until he had to leave his carpet. ☺ While I know Suki misses Wally, I can tell she loves being the center of my attention. She's a true snuggle bug. (And I didn't even know that "snuggle bugs" were real until I realized that Suki IS one! 😉)

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They're so silly!

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