Orphaned Elephant Returns From The Wild To Give Birth With Her Former Keepers

Orphaned Elephant Returns From The Wild To Give Birth With Her Former Keepers

Emily was an orphaned elephant who arrived at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust after she fell down a disused pit latrine when she was just an infant back in 1993.

When she grew up she went on to a normal wild life amongst the wild elephant community of the Trust’s Tsavo East Voi rehabilitation facility. As the years went on, she has become an able matriarch, leading and guiding the younger orphans who were part of her orphaned herd. The elephants in Emily’s herd came from almost every elephant population throughout Kenya.

So it was with great pride and happiness that the Trust welcomed her back to the stockades on December 23, 2014. Emily came back on her own to give birth to her second wild calf in the company of her human family, who had brought her up during her formative years.

The Keepers filmed the momentous occasion filled with elephants trumpeting and rumbling with joy. Emily’s herd of orphans accompanied her back and were eager to gently help the newborn baby to her feet. In the video, you’ll see them gently nudging the calf named Emma, and using their trunks to lift her off the ground.

It’s a beautiful moment to witness, as the once-orphaned elephants gather together and celebrate the arrival of a new member of their family!

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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has many amazing people helping orphaned elephants, but none more amazing than Dame Daphne Sheldrick.


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