Baby Koala Clings To Teddy Bear After Losing Her Mom

Baby Koala Clings To Teddy Bear After Losing Her Mom

She was found all alone on a suburban driveway. She was burning from the heat of the sun beating down on her small body, desperate for shade. She was just a baby.

Luckily, help arrived. Lucy, as she was named, was taken to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in Queensland, Australia (founded by the late Crocodile Hunter himself, Steve Irwin).

Lucy also suffered from a case of pinkeye, but is now well on her way to making a full recovery. She will then be released back into the wild. Her most recent update shows the koala is not dependent on milk and is well enough to nibble on solids.

It is unknown how Lucy ended up orphaned on a driveway, but according to the Australian Koala Foundation, approximately 80 percent of original koala habitat has already been destroyed through methods such as deforestation, forcing more and more of them to live alongside humans in urban and suburban areas.

Thankfully, this cutie was found just in time and is on a road toward healing filled with love.


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