Starving Monkeys Fight in the Streets Over Food as Coronavirus Hits Tourism in Thailand

Starving Monkeys Fight in the Streets Over Food as Coronavirus Hits Tourism in Thailand

It appears that humans aren’t the only species feeling the economic impact of the COVID-19 global crisis. 

Animals are suffering too, and hunger has forced two of Thailand’s monkey kingdoms to viciously clash in the streets over food scarcity.

The coronavirus pandemic plaguing nearly every country in the world is not merely affecting public health and activities. Many capital cities in the world are facing major economic decline since travel, public gatherings and even simple interactions are being discouraged. Global markets are being negatively affected and when you add up all the sports and tourist cancellations, the economic impact has the potential to be massive. All viral strains are dangerous, but the most lethal ones are those transmitted by air and close contact. Many countries are gradually going into full lockdown mode to contain the situation and hopefully lower the spread rate.

A shocking battle between rival monkey kingdoms in Lopburi, Bangkok, has left people wondering how far-reaching the effects of the virus actually are. Lopburi is a major tourist location in Thailand, known for its vast monkey populations, often called the “monkey-mad city.” Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, tourist activities have been at an all-time low, leaving the city in near sleep-mode.

Normally, the two major groups of monkeys in the area clearly avoid each other’s territories. The temple monkeys depend heavily on tourists who visit the temple for a lot of their food, while the city monkeys seem to be doing fairly well without the need for tourists. The city monkeys are reputable skilled thieves, often stealing food from grocery shops and tourists.
Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, and the temple macaques couldn’t respect the boundaries anymore.


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