Artist Creates Wooden Giants And Hides Them In The Wilderness

Artist Creates Wooden Giants And Hides Them In The Wilderness

We all try to do our bit with recycling, one man has taken it to the next level, creating spectacular sculptures that depict an array of fantasy creatures, such as trolls giants and even a big bad wolf. Though there is nothing to be scared of, quite the opposite, as they really depict a bigger story about how important it is to re-use materials, and what can be achieved by doing so.

It is the hard work of Danish artist Thomas Dambo, who managed to create these massive structures using merely leftover construction materials and scrap wood. He has even blended them seamlessly into the environments in which they were built, such as ‘Troels the Troll’ who despite is unsightly appearance is actually holding onto a swing. Even better is the detail added to certain sculptures like the troll, which has living plants has its fantastic green hair. It showcases just what can be done using recycled materials, particularly in an artistic fashion.

I’ve made all the sculptures from recycled wood. Mainly from 600 old pallets, an old wooden shed, a fence, and whatever else I was able to scavenge. Every sculpture was made with help from local volunteers, and each of the sculptures was named after one of the volunteers.
I hope my art will inspire people to see the big potential in recycling and taking better care of our planet.”

At each sculpture, there is a poem that gives hints to find the next one

The sculptures are made from recycled wood

More Info: Thomas Dambo: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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