“Sheep Pigs” Are Real And They’re Like Giant Fuzzy Dogs

“Sheep Pigs” Are Real And They’re Like Giant Fuzzy Dogs

We all know that sheep are quite fuzzy animals, which is part of their charm as farm animals. But when we think of pigs, we definitely don’t envision hairy animals. Quite the opposite, we think of pigs as being relatively sparse with their fur and constantly dunking themselves in mud in order to stay cool.

However, there is a “sheep pig” out there, and they’re quite the unusual-looking animal. The Mangalitsa pig is an actual fuzzy pig! They have the outward appearance of a sheep with the wooly coat, but they’re actually bred to be pets since they’re quite tamable. The breeder of the Mangalitsa pig has stated that they can be tamed just like dogs if they’re shown the right affection. As a result, these pigs have been known to follow around their owners or play with their owners – just like a dog!

These pigs could make a fun pet if you happen to have the room to accommodate them. While these pigs are still bred to this day, they have had a pretty tragic past. This unique breed of pig is a Hungarian breed, however, they’ve faced extinction from their native land as a result of communism. After the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall, Peter Toth, an animal geneticist, got involved. He purchased the last of the Mangalitsa pigs in order to save the breed. And it’s a good thing he did because the pigs are quite adorable with their fur coats!

Check out some of their pictures below:


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