Devoted Fox continues to live with the man who rescued him

Devoted Fox continues to live with the man who rescued him

When most people adopt an animal it is an abandoned cat, dog or even ferret but not Gary Zammit. He nursed a young fox cub back to health - and even fed it using a baby's bottle - after he discovered the creature dying after being hit by a car. 

 In fact he gave it so much tender loving care, including washing its fur and trimming its nails, that Tod the fox now lives with Gary in his family home. These extra-ordinary pictures show one of the usually illusive creatures affectionately interacting with wildlife expert Gary, 42. 

 Tod sleeps in a dog basket in Gary's kitchen, and acts like a puppy. It has even befriended an 11-year-old vixen called Lady, who Gary has also cared for since 2006. 

 Bid hearted Gary, who recently hand reared a baby heron and taught it to fly, said Tod really enjoys walking on a lead around the countryside.
Gary, who runs the Gwel an Mor wildlife park in Portreath, Cornwall, said: "When I thought he was ready to go outside I gently put a harness on him. "He always pulls on the lead but it's much like walking a badly trained dog which wants to go off for a run. "One of the most important things was that my other pet fox Vixen would have some company for her twilight years.
"But Tod is a typical annoying teenager who jumps all over her wanting to play." Tod is the latest in a string of injured animals that Gary has nursed back to health, including minks, owls, and slow worms.
In June, Gary hit the headlines after hand-rearing a baby heron and then teaching it to fly - by running alongside it flapping his arms.

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