Baby Bunnies Think A Golden Retriever Is Their Dad

Baby Bunnies Think A Golden Retriever Is Their Dad

Baby animals of all kids are irresistibly adorable. But there is something extra cute about little baby bunnies. There’s something about their little fluffy tails, tiny bodies, big brown eyes, and pointy ears that just melts your heart. 

Let’s not forget about the way their little noses twitch! Needless to say, baby bunnies are just so delightful. One golden retriever named Bailey seemingly adopted himself a quartet of these cute little buns. 

Or more accurately, the little fuzzy quartet of baby buns adopted him as their stand-in daddy. In a very precious video, the little flock is more than happy to hop around him and claim the confused pup as their own.

It soon became clear that he was very happy about being a surrogate parent for the little bunnies and begins treating them like they’re his puppies. 

The doting dad lovingly licks them and cuddles up with them. He also sits patiently as the little babies go hopping around the bed in exploration. 

Of course, he’s got a watchful eye on them the whole time.

At the time of the video the little bun buns were only 22 days old. But they had plenty of energy so it was clear that they were going to be keeping Bailey busy. 

They all have their own Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook pages in order to follow their adventures together. Be warned, there are a lot of snuggles and playfulness to see. So be ready to smile till it hurts.

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