Wild stallion saves a young horse from drowning

Wild stallion saves a young horse from drowning

In the late 15th century after the Europeans reintroduced the horse to the Americas, some horses escaped and formed feral herds. 

These herds still roam the west today although there is much controversy surrounding them as cattle ranchers continue to move their cattle stock onto lands that the wild horses now occupy. The video below shows an incredible example of how the wild horses look after their own when a young filly gets in trouble while crossing a river. 

The stallion with her takes quick action to try to save her before she is swept downriver. He is unflinching in his attempts and even tries not to hurt her as he struggles to get her back toward the shore. America's Endangered wild horses In the states of Nevada, Wyoming and Colorado, several times a year, the Bureau of Land Management conducts a wild horse and burro roundup. 

Using helicopters and flying low enough to nearly touch the backs of their prey, they herd thousands of these horses and burros into chutes that were previously set up, funneling the mares, stallions, and foals into a holding pen. Herds and family groups are broken up, many animals are injured, some even die during this desperate run. 

The remainder are then kept in the blazing hot sun, fed and watered whenever the keepers get to it, and are basically in a concentration camp for animals. These are the magnificent animals who symbolize the West. 

These are the animals the Bureau of Land Management likes to "manage," a euphemism for "getting rid of." Why does the BLM do this? It's very simple...the public lands are wanted by the ranchers for their cattle, they certainly don't want to share any forage or water with wild horses and burros that earn them nothing.
Cattle ranchers have lots of clout in Nevada and that strength puts their needs over everything else, including these wild animals. A cattle rancher will never admit to having enough land for his herd, always wanting more. The BLM is more than willing to work hand-in-glove with the ranchers, and they could care less about the horses and burros. They've become just a nuisance! (source ~ excerpt written by Nancy Carol)


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