Koala Visits Woman at Her Pool for Cuddles

Koala Visits Woman at Her Pool for Cuddles

It’s not every day though, that you have a heartwarming encounter with a wild animal. The type of animals you’re surrounded by, of course, depends on where you live. 

Many people are lucky to spot deer running through their yards, while others are familiar with the sounds of coyotes howling at night. If you do happen to come across wildlife outside its habitat, the best thing to do is to notify either a wildlife rehabilitation center, the humane society, animal shelter, or a veterinarian. 

 One family in Adelaide Hills in South Australia got a visit from a koala that wandered into their backyard. The koala slowly came down from a tree and into the fenced-in pool area. 

The camera gets remarkably close to the animal (it looks like it was zoomed in from a distance).
Eventually, the koala makes its way to the poolside. But before taking a sip, it studies the water. 

The koala places its hand in the water and observes its movements before deciding what to do next. Fortunately, the water is gentle and nearly still.
Shortly after, the woman gets out and she and the koala sit face-to-face. Before we know it, the woman leans her face into the koala’s. Instead of fleeing, the koala meets the woman halfway and their noses touch. 

 The lady even caresses the koala on its nose and its face. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem frightened at all. Neither does the woman who strokes its fur while it looks around.
After their heartwarming interaction, the koala heads up some rocks near the house. 

 Press play on the video below :

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