Man Saves Tiny Baby Squirrels That Were Thrown From Tree During A Typhoon

Man Saves Tiny Baby Squirrels That Were Thrown From Tree During A Typhoon

Michael Keida was just checking what damages were done to his organic farm right outside Tokyo, Japan when he saw something unusual which he describes as: “what looked like a large bird nest on top of a rain collection tank. I figured that it may have belonged to a kite (a large bird of prey found commonly in this area), but when I searched through the leaves and palm husk, I spotted an animal that took me by surprise.” 

 Turns out, inside the nest were three little baby squirrels that seemed just a few days old. As an animal lover, Michael knew he had to help the little guys but knowing very little about baby squirrels, he turned to the internet to try and see how he could help. 

Turns out, the best shot baby squirrels have at surviving is by being near their mothers but after the storm, Michael had not seen any adult squirrels around. However, he wanted to help as much as he could, as he knew perhaps he wasn’t best suited to provide the care needed for them, and he embarked on the mission to place the nest back on the three to see if the mother would return. 

  “I placed the remaining dry material from their nest into a small box,” Keida said. “I added some soft cotton fabric to add warmth and then closed the box loosely so that the mom could easily enter, but so that the nest would be secure.” 

Knowing the mother might not come around if he was there, he stepped away for a while and upon returning, he noticed the squirrel mom had returned and was moving the baby squirrels to another nest. Yay! 

 Thanks to Michael, these squirrels now have a better chance at life and were reunited with their mom.

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