Lion dad tries to ditch his tiny cubs in heartwarming footage

Lion dad tries to ditch his tiny cubs in heartwarming footage

The animal kingdom frequently offers comical moments, meant to bright up your day. But while, you may expect from a dog, or a cat, or usually pets, to act silly, even the fearless predators have their moments. 

Let’s take this majestic lion, for instance, who’s antics sent everyone into laughter. In a very adorable, yet comical, video, a lion male just shows the world, that being a dad isn’t the easiest job. 

Even more, judging by the way he’s actually running away from responsibilities, you might think it’s actually the hardest. 

After all, with four restless cubs on your way, the day can be pretty hard to handle. OR, you can use this dad’s tactic.
The moment – caught on a short footage – adorably recreates scenes from The Lion King, where the jovial Simba just can’t get enough of his dad, Musafa. 

Only this time, we have not one, but four Simbas. A hard job, right? Anyway, the video debuts with the lion dad apparently being in charged with his little ones. 

But he’s hoping, he might keep an eye on them, from distance. But in cubs vision that’s not going to happen as they effortlessly keep it up with the male, even when he’s literally running away.
Definitely, not the best example of parenting, but is worth watching. After all, this video gained more than 18 million views. 

So, take a peek:

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