People Donate Thousands Of Knitted Nests To Help Baby Rescue Birds

People Donate Thousands Of Knitted Nests To Help Baby Rescue Birds

We can all use a helping hand in life. It’s always a wonderful thing when strangers come together to help out their fellow man, but it’s even more touching when strangers get together to help animals in need. It’s a nice reminder that perhaps there is still some good in this world. 

For the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue group in Indian Trail, North Carolina, they were blown away by the overwhelming response of kindness they received in relation to a social media post. 

 The rescue group helps birds in need, and last March, they put out a plea to the public asking that people donate knitted or crocheted nests for the baby birds in their care.

What they didn’t see coming was the thousands of packages and handwritten cards that they were about to receive in response to their post. 

Some of these care packages and cards even came as far away from other countries like Canada and Japan. 

Many of the notes that were written were such things as requests to be updated on the status of the baby birds or others who were happy to donate more all the rescue had to do was “let us know if you need more nests.”
A wildlife rehab specialist for the Carolina Waterfowl group, Bayleigh MacHaffie, expressed in the video below, “It’s just so great that people go through and make the effort to try and help like this. It’s a great reminder for us that people care.” 

According to the rescue group, March is always “baby season,” as it’s the time of year whenever they see the most number of abandoned or injured baby birds. As a result, it’s always their busiest season.
According to MacHaffie, this has meant that in the past, they’ve had to help approximately 3,000 baby birds over the course of one summer! 

That is a lot of little orphaned birds – and they were mainly songbirds as well. Because of instances like that, MacHaffie emphasized the importance of the knitted nests excuse they actually help a growing bird’s development. 

She explained that if the baby bird doesn’t have a nest to hold them as they grow, they’re at risk of having their legs develop at splayed-out angles.
That is partially the reason why a large amount of donations meant so much to the rescue center because it gave them the best chance of helping baby birds develop to their full potential. And that is always a wonderful thing. 

 Watch the incredible video below:

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