Rescuers Saved An Abandoned Rabbit That Wouldn’t Let Go Of Its Stuffed Animal

Rescuers Saved An Abandoned Rabbit That Wouldn’t Let Go Of Its Stuffed Animal

There are stories that touch your heart and don’t go away. One of them is about a rabbit that was found abandoned in a box next to the road. 

And if that wasn’t sad enough, there’s something else: the rabbit was abandoned with its favorite teddy bear, which was almost the same color as its fur. 

 The good news is that both the rabbit and its bear have been rescued by the RSPCA operating in the UK. Now, the rabbit, which has been given the name Nigel, hopes to be adopted, and his bear will surely go with it. 

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 Nigel the rabbit was abandoned next to his favorite teddy bear
Image credits: RSPCA

The two furry ones were rescued by the RSPCA
Nigel and his stuffed animal are waiting to be adopted into a new home
Representatives of the RSPCA went to the Turnham road in Lewisham, southeast of Longres, after a friendly person informed them about the animal and its stuffed animal. 

Luckily, Nigel is in good health, not sick or injured. And his stuffed animal is fine too. Emily Stott of the RSPCA says that during 2018 there have been 1693 reports of abandoned rabbits throughout England and Wales, so Nigel is not alone. 

 They both are healthy
The gray rabbit, which was abandoned in a cardboard box with its gray stuffed animal, is being cared for right now in an animal-hosting facility in Kent, until he finds a new owner. 

Since the rabbit is very attached to his stuffed animal, it is likely that he lived with him in his former home. The fur of both is almost identical in color
“Our inspectors work hard to find out what happened to the animals we rescued. We talk to witnesses, watch safety videos and request information from the media. According to the Animal Welfare Act of 2006, it is an offence to abandon an animal because it causes them unnecessary suffering.” 

“We depend on the public to be our eyes and ears, and unfortunately, if there is no evidence, we sometimes fail to find out what has happened. We think it’s important to highlight the stories of abandoned animals to raise awareness of the problem and get people to think twice about abandoning them.” 

This is where the rabbit and its stuffed animal were found in a box
A large number of pets are abandoned each year in the UK: the RSPCA has collected over 102900 pets during the past year. 

According to them, abandoning them should always be the last resort, not something you do without thinking about how inconvenient the pet is.  There are correct ways to give a pet that is no longer wanted, so that it can lead a healthy and happy life in another home. 

For example, contact the seller, and see if they can take it back. If that is not possible, it is important to contact a charity or a rescue center that will help your pet find a new home. 

Don’t be a soulless person who abandons a rabbit in a box on the street.


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