Brave people risked their lives to save baby giraffe from drowning

Brave people risked their lives to save baby giraffe from drowning

With countless animals on the edge of extinction and an endangered animals list, longer than ever, there are some places on Earth where humans still know how to perfectly coexist with those magnificent creatures. 

A special bond based on respect, trust and care. And whenever a helpless animal is in times of need, people know they need to help it. It’s also the case of this baby giraffe, saved from drowning in Kenya.
For some unknown reasons, a baby giraffe got stuck in the middle of Uaso Nyiro river, Kenya. And as it wasn’t hard enough already for the helpless creature due to the strong currents, this rushing river is full of crocodiles, too. 

Therefore, the little one’s fate seemed to be sealed. Nevertheless, the help came from where it expected the less.
A group of wildlife rangers and locals heard the scared giraffe and rushed to help her. After a couple of hours, the animal was saved due to the heroism of these brave, kind guys. 

Thankfully, some photos of the rescue were shared online by one of these nice people, so people to show the appreciation.
“Marvelous rescue mission, congrats great friend of samburu wildlife Mr Baba Sue and team,” a user wrote. While another added: “Wow! What a show of courage and passion for wildlife – our precious heritage.” 

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), some giraffe species have recently declared endangered. Among them, the Masai giraffe. 

They are a subspecies what roams the lands of Kenya and Tanzania and their numbers dropped at only 35,000 left in the wild, over the last three decades.

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