Baby elephant who was trapped in Poacher’s trap for 4 days made an incredible recovery.

Baby elephant who was trapped in Poacher’s trap for 4 days made an incredible recovery.

How adorable and innocent baby elephants are. They are giant puppies who are very friendly to humans. 

They have big bright eyes and those eyes are filled with innocence. But some people are after these cute creatures and wanted to hunt them down. Some babies could stay and wait for some help but others are not that lucky. 

Here, the hero of the story is a young brave baby Albino elephant. She was found in a trap of a poacher at a private reserve close to the border of Kruger National Park in South Africa.
The innocent soul was spotted and rescued by the volunteers at Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development(HERD). She was immediately shifted to the sanctuary and was treated for her injuries.
The weak and fragile baby elephant was tangled in the trap for 4 days. The snare was wrapped around her face which caused deep wounds all over her mouth, face, and ears. 

The more serious thing was the maggots that had started eating the open flesh. The poor baby suffered a lot but she kept going. 

According to Sue Howells, the elephant looked very innocent, fragile, and pure, yet it looked very brave.
Fortunately, the baby elephant made a great recovery and she is in a good condition. She is very happy and healthy now. 

According to Sue Howells, the baby elephant is very strong. Her sweet, fragile personality shines through her toughness. This baby elephant was different from others as she was albino and blessed with pink skin. 

We are happy that the baby elephant was saved and we wish her all the happiness for the future life.


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