Horse reaches down to kiss little boy and melts internet’s heart

Horse reaches down to kiss little boy and melts internet’s heart

Humans and horses go way back in history. We’re talking ancient civilizations and so on.

The domestication of these animals goes back thousands and thousands of years, as early as 10,200 B.C. 

Humans learned to tame and ride horses, so they became more and more domestic. As a result, horses remained close to humans of their own free will. They were trained to transport goods and pull wagons and buggies for work. Horses were very important. 

They fought alongside soldiers and transported crucial supplies to camps. Imagine the bond those horses had with the soldiers.
Today, most horses are companion and therapy animals, relationships that have become all too important in this current age. 

Many people treat horses as pets. Some even keep a stable of horses to teach others how to ride and care for these magnificent animals.
And what better way to bond than with a few kisses?
Psychologists found that horses could recognize a person’s mood from facial expressions and even differentiate between anger and happiness. 

When a person is agitated and angry, the horse responds either in fear or sudden aggression. Show them gentleness, and they will respond the same. 

Share those sweet kisses in the video below!


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