Tiny pig that loves to be loved adorably objects when foster mom stops kissing him

Tiny pig that loves to be loved adorably objects when foster mom stops kissing him

As much as we’re not really used to it, pigs are also capable of love and affection. In fact, they can be incredible pets that can shower humans with so much care. 

Although they are not the most common pets, people who have one are typically incredibly happy having these pigs around.

One example is a pig named Blueberry who was found to have such a huge personality that it’s hard to resist him. 

Blueberry was taken away from his mother at the very young age of 3 days old. When they found him, he was extremely underweight at 2 and a half pounds.

He was kept crated all alone. The moment they gave him food, he didn’t hesitate. He just dove in and ate all that he could. He was incredibly hungry.

Blueberry was then taken to Tiny Hooves, a farm sanctuary, where the tiny pig got a thorough examination to check his overall health. His ear was bitten off. 

It created a deformity and they fondly call it the “little Nemo fin” now. Blueberry also adjusted quickly. As early as two days, the tiny thing was wagging his tail. It was just the cutest thing.

According to Emilie and Kayla, Blueberry’s foster parents, Blueberry turned out to enjoy hugs and kisses. In fact, he demands kisses before going to sleep. 

 When kisses stop, he gets mad. It’s safe to say that Blueberry just adores getting all the kisses in the world.

“When you rub his belly, he’ll flop over to the side,” one of his foster parents shared. “He was way smaller than my cat. He has sass in him a little bit. 

He just was not what I was expecting at all.” Blueberry brought immense joy to them.

The adorable pig would also cuddle with his foster parents and would even sniff and lick them. He’s just a cute ball of energy. 

And just as much as he loves kisses, he loves giving them too. He showers his parents with lots of them.

They took care of Blueberry with all their might. “We wanted to make sure that he was healthy and old enough before he went off to his new home,” his foster mom said. 

 He was eventually taken to a farm full of rescue animals and Blueberry immediately felt like he was home. He ran and jumped like crazy.

“Running up to the chickens, he was having a lot of fun,”
she shared. “It just felt perfect. They are planning to get him a friend once he’s older. I could not be happier with where he went. He truly hit the jackpot with his family.” 

 Blueberry’s new family just adores him. It’s comforting to think that he has found his forever home where he will be showered with the kisses he adores. 

 He is now living his best life yet. See Blueberry’s adorable temper tantrums erupt when the smooches stop in the video below!


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