82-Year-Old Walmart Cashier Retires After TikToker Raises Over $100,000

82-Year-Old Walmart Cashier Retires After TikToker Raises Over $100,000

An 82-year-old Walmart employee has been able to retire after a TikToker raised more than $100,000 for him.

Navy veteran Warren Marion of Cumberland, Maryland, received a check for $108,682 thanks to the generosity of online donors. Rory McCarty was shopping at Walmart when he met Marion. He learned that Marion was working 40-hour weeks at 82 years old. 

Inspired by a video where a woman started a GoFundMe to help an elderly Walmart employee retire early, McCarty decided to try and help Marion in the same way. 

He wrote on GoFundMe: "Recently seeing a GoFundMe for a 82 yr old lady working at Walmart on Tik Tok, and seeing they raised money for her to retire for good. I wanted to help this Navy Veteran to live the remainder of his years traveling to see his kids in Florida. Get him off his feet for 8 hrs at a time. And do the things he would love to do that he may not be able to for financial reasons" 

 "I just wanted to put something in motion and the Lord did the rest," McCarty said. McCarty's fundraiser received $118,575 from over 5,000 online donors. He hand-delivered Marion a cashier check for the full amount donated (after the GoFundMe fee was subtracted).
@fox5newyork Rory McCarty went to Walmart where he met Marion, the cashier who checked him out. He set up a GoFundMe, and it took just days to meet the goal. #kind ♬ original sound - Fox 5 New York
Marion said the funds will pay off his house and allow him to travel to Florida to see his children. 

"All I can tell you is the good Lord has blessed me for what I did in my younger years," Marion told the Cumberland Times.

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