Baby otter's adorable response after getting in a pool for the first time earns over 1.6 million views

Baby otter's adorable response after getting in a pool for the first time earns over 1.6 million views

Otters are known to be great swimmers since most of their species (13 in total) live in freshwater rivers, lakes, and wetlands. 

They are members of the weasel family and are found almost everywhere, except Australia and Antarctica.
When it comes to their physique, most otters are small and they have short ears and noses, long bodies, long tails, and their most notable feature is their dense fur. 

Otters possess the densest fur among any other animal from any kingdom. They have as many as a million hairs per square inch in places. 

Another unique thing about otters is their stinky poop. So extraordinary that their poop even has its own name, “spraints.”
According to National Geographic, “It’s thought to get its special odor, which some scientists describe as smelling like violets, from the seafood diet otters eat.” 

When talking about being stinky, a fresh bath would definitely wash that foul odor away, wouldn’t it? And nothing beats this adorable baby otter’s reaction after getting the chance to experience being in a pool for the first time in his young life. Meet this cute little otter, Tororo.
Tororo lives in Japan together with his biological mom, Otsuyu, another adult otter named Odashi, and of course, his human mom who runs their YouTube channel called ‘LOUTRE.’ 

This family also has two Instagram accounts, uuu_chaan with 127,000 followers, and loutreosaka with 24,000 followers. 

Those numbers alone would immediately tell you that they’re quite famous not just in Japan but perhaps in many other countries across the world.

They share photos and more often, videos of their everyday life and all the fun activities that they all share together as a family. 

This video, in particular, has over 1.7 million views with tens of thousands of likes and over a thousand comments from people who were simply amused by the otters’ natural charisma. Stinky Tororo needs a shower.
The video started with the baby otter still comfortably dozing on his bed while the other two adult otters had just woken up on a separate bed. 

Shortly after waking up, his human mama decided to bathe him inside a tiny pool. It was his first time to experience being in a pool and his human mama was kind of worried but also excited at the same time.
The water in the pool was not even an inch deep but the little otter was still skeptical about the idea. 

Mama Odashi was also in the pool and off she went by cleaning baby Tororo’s fur, although the latter didn’t seem to like it that much. The sound of protest.
At some point, Tororo really sounded annoyed by everything that’s happening. Perhaps, he didn’t want to be in the pool, he didn’t want mama Odashi to clean his fur, or he didn’t want to take a bath at all. 

Whatever his reason for making such a sound, both his moms (otter and human) still managed to clean the little stinky otter. 

When he was finally fresh and dry, mama Odashi gave his fur some finishing touches to make sure they’re all clean and glossy.
After having that quick dip in the little pool, Tororo went back to what he does best – sleeping. What an adorable little creature! 

 Watch baby Tororo’s first dip in the pool by pressing that play button below.


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