Little lynx melts 7M hearts with adorable love he has for full-grown housecat

Little lynx melts 7M hearts with adorable love he has for full-grown housecat

This level of love and affection would be hard to resist. Even for a curmudgeon main coon like this.😻 Humans love to watch cat videos. 

This one is a great example of cat videos people love. After all, more than 7 million people have watched and loved watching this video. What’s in it?
A tiny lynx bonding with cats. And they’re all “siblings”! At first, the lynx wanted to solidify their bond by sniffing its black sibling but they are having none of it. 

 The black-gray Maine Coon jumped over the lynx to get away from it. The lynx was a fighter though and it wasn’t going to give up easily.
The lynx is pretty smart, too. It knew a slow but steady approach was needed to bond with the other cats. 

When its black-gray sibling wasn’t looking, the lynx sneakily crept up and sniffed its siblings behind. The black-gray sibling was startled and walked away.
The lynx took its time. It stayed back. It walked towards the cat but this time, the other cat thought maybe this lynx isn’t so bad. When the lynx approached the black cat, they actually smelled each other. Awww.
The lynx was on a mission. It needed someone to love and hug. Good thing it had another cat sibling, a white Maine Coon this time. 

But the white cat just wanted to cuddle up to their human. Their human doesn’t seem worried the three cats won’t get along. If they weren’t going to get along, there would be a cat war inside the home. 

There isn’t and they aren’t turning away the other cats. They’re just getting used to each other.
The hold-out cat gave in. Eventually, the black-gray cat hugged the lynx and groomed it. In the cat world, this is a sign of dominance with the older cat grooming the younger cat. 

It shows who’s in charge without getting violent. And now, it’s the white cat sibling’s turn.
Finally, the lynx gets to play. Sometimes the white cat grooms the lynx and the lynx stays there and allows it. 

That’s how you know the lynx likes the grooming when it doesn’t make an effort to run away. Their human has successfully captured the bonding moments the two older cats have with the lynx and it’s adorable.
That’s exactly why humans love to watch cat videos. “Cat videos are comparably much more popular and cats don’t seem to acknowledge the camera at all and just do whatever they like, they are oblivious to it. 

I think that’s really appealing to audiences who are so used to being under the gaze of the camera these days,” Massey University Media Studies Lecturer Dr. Radha O’Meara explained. 

She said that cat videos give us space to imagine a world where we are not constantly watched and yet it also allows us to watch someone else’s life without disrupting it. It’s a confusing but understandable concept.
See this adorable lynx slowly win over his curmudgeon main coon siblings in the video below!


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