Baby Gorilla Heartwarmingly Greets Its Dad for The First Time

Baby Gorilla Heartwarmingly Greets Its Dad for The First Time

Like humans, animals also have parenting skills that ensure their offspring’s survival. They can be very caring, loving, protective, and strict at the same time. Parents, especially the mothers, are fully committed to their roles. 

They’d often stay with the young animal for over a year until they are ready for independence. Although animals understand the concept of a family, some species do not grow up with a father. For instance, a male lion has the tendency to kill their cubs due to territorial behavior. 

They need to ensure that only one male exists in their pride. It’s certainly rare to find animals acting fatherly towards their young ones. But when you witness a moment between them, your heart will definitely be touched.
Not all animal species expose their offspring to the harsh truth of the world. A father gorilla is indeed different from other dads. 

They are, in fact, good fathers that significantly contribute to the infant’s growth. The father helps in raising the young ones while protecting the troop. Infants can even play with them. And despite the strict-looking paternal image, male gorillas are patient with their infant’s playful behavior. 

The young male gorillas also deem their fathers as their role models. Fathers are indeed vital family members — there’s love and security in their presence. They also share sweet interactions with their children, like cuddling and heartwarming greetings during their first meet-up.
A father and baby gorilla shared that moment which was posted on Twitter. Love is certainly radiating from the video, especially how the infant looked at its father. The baby was examining its dad by looking at him closely and touching his face. 

Father Gorilla just calmly stayed in front of his offspring — allowing the young one to be familiar with him. It was such a heartwarming moment as if the dad was also waiting to finally meet his child. The video was uploaded by IFS officer Susanta Nanda with the caption, “Baby Gorilla meets the Father for the first time.” Netizens were delighted with the short clip and expressed joy in the reply section. The video was indeed a great source of serotonin. 

“Heart warming to see the love of the baby and the father…the curiosity, awe and hesitant love in the baby is so human like,” Sengupta F tweeted. The curiosity was truly evident in the infant’s eyes. Perhaps it was amazed by how different they are in terms of size. 

“The baby is amazed at the larger image of self,” suryanarayanan k commented. After the first greeting, the two might have bonded more. With how the father gorilla looked at his offspring, you know that he’s going to give everything he can. The baby gorilla is fortunate to grow with parents that surely overflow with affection. 

Happiness is contagious, so share the clip with your followers. Someone might need to be greeted as warmly as the baby gorilla’s greeting.


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