A two-legged stray mother provides care for her homeless family

A two-legged stray mother provides care for her homeless family

In spite of her disability, a two-legged stray who gave birth to pups searches for her family and makes sure that none of her little ones are in danger.

Animals are known to be tenacious and to often adapt to their environment in order to live as comfortably as possible. 

Even though there are a lot of stray dogs in the world who struggle every day to find food and shelter, it always astounds us to see how homeless animals with disabilities can also thrive and survive on the streets.
The mother is known as Shi Bao, and neither she nor him was constantly in need of shelter. In Datong, Shanxi Province, near the Kouguan train station, she or he sought safety when her owner abandoned her. 

Unfortunately, an accident caused her to lose her back legs. She was either hit by a car or ran over by a train, according to the locals, but she survived and has been on her own ever since.
Shi Bao just gave birth to a litter of healthy, adorable puppies. The two-legged mother shows her young children around the train station each day while they scrounge for food. 

The brave mother makes sure that her kids are safe and protected at all times.
We are aware that there aren’t the same legal protections for animals in China as there are in other nations, but we nonetheless wish Shi Bao and her young ones luck in finding a kind stranger or a shelter that would take them in and put a stop to their hard and lonely lives on the streets. 

Shi Bao has shown she deserves genuine love and a happily ever after, and she has demonstrated that all animals need a loving home.
There are an estimated 130 million stray dogs in China, many of them are the victims of the country’s rising urbanization and the influx of humans into tall buildings with limited space for animals. 

For some of the dogs, life on the road is difficult. Along with official extermination programs, many cities also have extensive public maltreatment of strays, increasing their chance of being caught for dog meat or dying of starvation and disease.

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