All Her Puppies Got Adopted Leaving Her Sad, Lonely And Aching For A Home

All Her Puppies Got Adopted Leaving Her Sad, Lonely And Aching For A Home

When Brisbane, a timid dog, was brought to the shelter, she had just given birth to a litter of puppies. As time went by, all of her puppies were adopted, and Brisbane was the only one left. 

That’s when Caroline came into her life and decided to take her home. Ever since then, Brisbane has blossomed into an amazing dog, and their bond has grown stronger than ever.
Caroline describes her relationship with Brisbane as something she’s never experienced with a dog before. 

Over time, Brisbane has grown closer and closer to her, creating a unique and special connection. Brisbane now sleeps right by Caroline’s head, snuggled between her mom and dad. She lets Caroline pick her up and gets super excited when she comes home from work.
Caroline wishes she could talk to dogs, especially those who have been through difficult experiences. She would love to tell them that they’re in a safe space now and that nobody will hurt them. 

However, she believes that actions speak louder than words and building trust with a dog takes time and patience. Brisbane’s personality is quirky and unique, setting her apart from other dogs. She does silly little things that not many dogs do. 

Brisbane is also incredibly intelligent, learning tricks at lightning speed. Caroline’s other dog, Kibble, is more laid back and adorably lazy.
One of Brisbane’s amusing habits is being a “spot stealer.” Whenever someone gets up from their place on the couch, she quickly goes and lays right in the same spot. Caroline chose the name Brisbane, or Brissy for short, because she met her husband in Brisbane, Australia. This was the first dog they got together. Caroline wanted to see Brisbane’s personality come out of its shell, and it certainly did. 

While she loves her older dog, Kibble, Brisbane’s lively and spirited nature has brought a new level of joy and companionship to her life. In the end, Caroline wants Brisbane to know that she is loved and safe now. 

Their story is a testament to the power of adoration, patience, and understanding. Finally knowing she’s safe, the once-timid dog has blossomed into the perfect companion.

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