Meet Tommy, The Gentle Giant Now Known As The Tallest Steer Alive.

Meet Tommy, The Gentle Giant Now Known As The Tallest Steer Alive.

When Fred Balawender bought a steer for only $10, he had no idea how big he’d get — both literally and figuratively. He could always tell that Tommy was large for his age, but by the time he was around 5 years old, it was clear that this cow was special. He just kept growing and now, at 13 years old, Tommy is 6 feet and 1 inch tall and 3,000 pounds. 

This massive guy is allowed to eat however much he wants, a method that has kept him healthy. This means he eats about five gallons of grain and a bail and a half of hay in a single day. Plus, he washes it all down with two bathtubs worth of water.
Personality wise, Tommy is the definition of a gentle giant. He’s always been a calm and kind creature, including towards children who love to visit him. He had already made a name for himself locally, but now Tommy can officially say he’s a record-breaking steer — according to Guinness World Records, he’s the largest living steed! I have a feeling he plans on celebrating this impressive feat with lots and lots of yummy food. 

 “He’s like our pet,” Fred said. “He’s just something to be proud of, and I really, really like the guy. He’s everybody’s friend up here. Everybody knows Tom.” 

 Watch giant Tommy in action in the video below:

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