Bus driver ‘slams on brakes’ when he sees two tiny puppies poking heads out of cardboard box

Bus driver ‘slams on brakes’ when he sees two tiny puppies poking heads out of cardboard box

Waking up in the middle of nowhere and realizing you’ve been abandoned is something you wouldn’t wish on anyone, but why do some people do that to animals? The team from Love Furry Friends, a rescue organization based in Ukraine, received a dire call from a bus driver.

The bus driver explained that he saw an unexpected package at a bus stop. The team then drove to the scene to see the box in question. The package was sitting just by the metal benches.
The play was empty and dark and you could only imagine how someone would feel if they were left in a similar place. Then, a head pops out from the box. It was a black puppy that must’ve heard the rescuers’ vehicle. Then there’s another puppy that peeked out. This one, meanwhile, was white. 

The rescuers quickly investigated the puppies. While they were briefed by the bus driver about the situation, no one really knew how long the puppies had been sitting out there in the cold.
The puppy pad that lined the bottom of the box also suggests that the act was deliberate. Upon further investigation, the rescuers confirmed that both puppies were female – just like their first suspicion. 

According to them, female puppies are abandoned more often because it’s more expensive to spay them. Fortunately, the two puppies still seemed to be in good spirits. Their fur is matted with a mix of debris and dirt. They weren’t emaciated, however, and they were very curious and friendly.
The puppies were then given their new names. The black one was named Mia, and the white puppy was named Leya. Their rehabilitation started immediately upon rescue. First, the puppies were given some water and food. They ate with so much gusto that the rescuers thought they must’ve not eaten for days.
They were also given their first bath but regular shampoo just wouldn’t do the job. They were then taken to a grooming salon to get them cleaned thoroughly. 

The puppies looked so different after the bath! They look like they’ve been loved and taken care of for a very long time and it was the life that their rescuers envisioned for them.
As if the total makeover wasn’t enough, the rescuers even bought Mia and Leya some toys. They said these must be the first toys they enjoyed in their lives. Now, the rescuers hope that the puppies get their forever homes. 

They are asking viewers from around the world for donations. Proceeds will go to rescue resources such as food, water, medicine, and other fees needed to give these dogs a second lease on life.

“Thank you to the bus driver who took the time to call a proper rescue for these two cuties. And thank you to all involved for their rescue and care.”
Said one comment, “You’re all angels.” 

 Watch how two puppies were rescued from a dark bus stop.

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