Cow who can’t see falls adorably in love with man who sings to her every day

Cow who can’t see falls adorably in love with man who sings to her every day

There’s a heartwarming tale of an unexpected bond between a man and a cow named Helen. Helen is a 19-year-old bovine who was born blind on a dairy farm. Despite her disability, she formed a unique connection with a farmer who, unlike many in the dairy industry, chose not to send her to slaughter when she could no longer produce milk.

Instead of viewing her as a mere commodity, the farmer saw Helen’s intrinsic value. He spent years nurturing a deep bond with her. He cared for her, ensuring she felt loved and safe. 

However, as time went on, the farmer realized he needed to find a permanent home for Helen, one that would cater to her special needs.
Enter Uncle Neil’s sanctuary, a haven for animals like Helen. When the sanctuary learned about Helen’s story, they didn’t hesitate to welcome her. 

For the past five months, Helen has been a cherished resident, bringing joy and warmth to everyone she meets.
Adapting to a new environment, especially for a blind cow, wasn’t without its challenges. Initially, Helen was timid, having spent 19 years in a stall without the company of other cows or the freedom to graze. 

The sanctuary team went above and beyond to ensure Helen felt at home. They spoke to her gently, reassuring her of their intentions and showering her with affection.
To help Helen navigate her new surroundings, the team implemented several ingenious solutions. They installed a camera to monitor her, placed a solar-powered fountain in her water trough so she could locate it by sound, and hung wind chimes around her pasture. 

These chimes not only guided her back to her resting place but also provided a soothing melody that Helen grew fond of.
One of the most touching moments at the sanctuary occurred when Helen approached a staff member while he was cleaning the pasture. 

In a heart-melting gesture, she began rubbing herself against him, using her head to show affection. This was Helen’s unique way of hugging, a sign that she felt safe, loved, and content in her new home.
Life at the sanctuary has been transformative for Helen. She’s made several cow friends, and she’s always eager to show affection, whether it’s to her bovine buddies or the humans who care for her. 

If you’re around Helen, be prepared for a barrage of licks – her signature way of showering love.
Helen’s days are filled with simple joys. She spends her time grazing, basking under the wind chimes, and listening to their melodies. 

Music holds a special place in her heart. Her absolute favorite tune? The Hawaiian rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” a song that the sanctuary plays for her regularly.
See how Helen melts when she hears her favorite song in the video below!

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