Arctic Researchers Get Surprised by Polar Bear Visitors While Making Breakfast

Arctic Researchers Get Surprised by Polar Bear Visitors While Making Breakfast

Many unique creatures call the Arctic home, but few humans have the luxury of ever getting face-to-face with these animals. 

In late March, meteorologist Katarzyna Kudłacz was making breakfast at her research station on the tiny island of Spitsbergen, when she realized that she had a small group of visitors watching her from outside the window. When she turned to look at them, she realized that her nosy visitors were polar bears.
Kudłacz and her fellow researchers at the Polish Polar Station Hornsund are no strangers to these creatures, as there are many just like them living in the area. Since they are wild animals, however, the researchers are careful to keep their distance. It is much more rare for the bears to come up to the windows of their station, which caused some surprise on the part of Kudłacz and her peers. Thankfully, they were able to peacefully drive the bears—a mother and two of her cubs—away from their station using noisemakers. 

The research station posted photos and a video from their encounter on Facebook with the caption, “We didn’t need coffee to wake us up this morning.” As for Kudłacz, she isn't likely to forget her interaction with the curious bears anytime soon. “It was wonderful experience,” the meteorologist says. “But also a bit stressful.” 

A meteorologist posted at a research station in the Arctic Ocean was startled to find a family of polar bears staring in through the window as they watched her make breakfast.

Polish Polar Station Hornsund: Website | Facebook


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