Orphaned baby donkey saved from the roadside can’t stop hugging her rescuer

Orphaned baby donkey saved from the roadside can’t stop hugging her rescuer

When Kadife the donkey was born, tragedy struck – her mother passed away, leaving the helpless foal all alone on the side of a busy highway. For days, the frightened baby huddled next to her mom’s body, unsure where to turn.

Luckily, kind-hearted teachers from a nearby village spotted Kadife and knew they had to help. They reached out to Mert Akkök, a local man known for his big heart when it came to rescuing vulnerable animals. Mert immediately welcomed the orphaned donkey into his home. 

Under Mert’s care, Kadife found herself in an unusual situation – her new family was a rambunctious pack of dogs! But the friendly foal took it all in stride. She quickly bonded with her canine siblings, especially a handsome blonde dog named Ben. 

Kadife and Ben became attached at the hip, spending their days romping and playing together. The donkey started acting more like a puppy, chasing after the dogs, trying to steal bites of their food, and constantly seeking out cuddles and kisses. She even learned to playfully tug on their collars! 

Now three years old, Kadife has blossomed into the unquestioned leader of her doggy crew. Spoiled with love and attention, her signature move is running up to Mert and demanding hugs, even when he’s busy. In her mind, she’s the boss and affection is mandatory.

Watching Kadife flourish, it’s clear that family has nothing to do with species. This lucky girl found her place in the world thanks to the unexpected love of some dogs and one very special human. 

Her story is proof that with an open heart, beautiful bonds can form.


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