Skeptics Step Aside: “Frankenstein” Cat’s Owner Finally Proves He’s Not Fake!

Skeptics Step Aside: “Frankenstein” Cat’s Owner Finally Proves He’s Not Fake!

When a user on Reddit posted a picture of their cat, other users claimed it was a fake cat due to its odd coloration. In truth, this adorable little kitty does resemble a “Frankenstein” cat. No two parts of its coat reflect the same breed, making it look photoshopped.

Bruce’s vet classifies him as a Minuet, a hybrid mix of Persian and Munchkin breeds. His unique look includes a mostly black head with white markings and a striped torso like a tabby. Some of his feet are black, others white. 

It almost looks like they were out of matching parts when Bruce was made. His odd looks aside, Bruce is handsome and loved by his family.

He is real
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Bruce isn’t the first odd-looking cat and won’t be the last. Many people follow the exploits of Monty and Molly, as well as their little brother Jamie, the Picasso cat. 

A quick search of available memes on any social media platform will net you tons of images of mismatched cats. The poor little guy below didn’t even get matching eyes!
Another beautiful, mismatched kitty seems to have the facial structure and angry stare of a Siamese cat but none of the standard coloration of that breed. Maybe that’s why he seems grumpy.
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder — in this instance, the cat owner. While cats may look like fake cats to us, their owners love them unconditionally. 

In the end, is there anything else that matters? I have been a cat lover for much of my adult life. My current clowder includes two defective black cats (each with three stray white hairs). But I love them!


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