Abandoned dog found living in the dirt after his cruel owners moved away and left him to die

Abandoned dog found living in the dirt after his cruel owners moved away and left him to die

In a parking lot outside a warehouse in San Bernardino, California an eight-year-old yellow Labrador was living alone after his owners abandoned him.

They used to live in the house across the street from the warehouse, so the dog didn’t travel far, waiting every day for his family to come back for him.

But they had abandoned him forever.

The sad dog spent his days napping on the cold dirt and survived by eating scraps passerby would throw his way.

One fine day, a truck driver took notice of the Lab while he was on his delivery job. He was heartbroken because he knew there was not much, he could do for the Lab. His own baby was on the way, and his pet dog was very ill. However, he wanted to find a home for the Lab.

He took a picture of the dog lying on the dirt and shared it on an Instagram account that he made from him, referring to him as “Oldboy”. He also started regular stories.

People all over the world were heartbroken over OldBoy’s condition. Eventually, his story caught the attention of Love Leo Rescue, a foster-based rescue group in Los Angeles.

The rescue took him in and gave him a name-Larry. Immediately after that, he was taken to the vet and it was revealed that he had Cushing’s disease. Thankfully, it can be managed by daily medication.

To make matters worse, Larry also suffers from separation anxiety which is why three different fosters couldn’t handle him.

Larry needed someone who could handle his affections and would spend a lot of time with him. Actually, he is such a sweet soul and loves the company of others.

Love Leo Rescue didn’t stop posting on Instagram, hoping that someone would eventually adopt him.

And someone did too! Larry found just the perfect human and went to live in a new home where he settled in just fine. Now Larry does not have to sleep on the cold dirt instead he will live his entire life in love and affection.


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