Mama Bear Takes Her 5 Cubs To Play In A Children’s Playground

Mama Bear Takes Her 5 Cubs To Play In A Children’s Playground

Bears are animals known for several characteristics that are very peculiar. Their hibernation, their passion for honey, their great size and strength, their big teeth, their ferocious calls, and many other qualities make them one of the best known and admired carnivores throughout history. 

But without a doubt, one of their most striking characteristics, and one that normally tends to be omitted, is their curious and playful spirit. In fact, these adorable animals have been seen on more than one occasion playing in a puddle or in an open field, just as a child would. 

And they have also been seen having fun with structures and toys that are typical of the smallest human beings. In a video shared by ViralHog, 5 cute cubs are seen having the time of their life in the back yard of a family, where they found their mini amusement park.
“This was taken in our backyard. Supposedly it’s a mother and five cubs, two of which are suspected to have been adopted from a different litter.” – said one of the people who saw this family of bears.
The video was captured by an Asheville family, and it shows a mother bear and her 5 cubs enjoying an afternoon of rest and play in their garden. 

This North Carolina city is known for its large black bear population, with an estimated 100 to 200 bears in an area where there are 90,000 humans. 

So encounters between neighbors and these large, furry animals tend to happen quite often.

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