Russian Woman Rescues An Abandoned Bear When It Was A Cub And Now They Are Best Buddies

Russian Woman Rescues An Abandoned Bear When It Was A Cub And Now They Are Best Buddies

Bears can seem ferocious animals, however, there are countries where these specimens are raised under the protection of humans, who establish beautiful relationships that exude unlimited love and friendship with each other.
It is a true example of what “a bear hug” means.
It seems that, in Russia, this kind of fairy tale is a reality. 

And if not, ask Veronika Dichka, a young woman who has conquered social networks with her peaceful photographs fishing in the company of an adopted bear, in the middle of a lake located in Novosibirsk, north of Siberia.
The furry man baptized with the funny name Archie is not separated for an instant from Veronika, up and down, always by his side wherever she goes.
However, his favorite activity is going fishing in a boat with his loving human mother.
Of course, it is remarkable the fact that, both in this case and in previous ones, the scenes between bear and human do not take place in large cities, but rather in unknown places, such as Siberia.
But how did Archie and Veronica meet? It turns out that the bear was just a baby when the local zoo where it was kept went bankrupt due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The imminent closure of the animal sanctuary meant that Archie would lose his home. 

The news reached Veronika who immediately went to the zoo facilities and asked if she could adopt him. The answer was affirmative and the woman had no problem taking it home with her.
“Archie sees me as a member of his family. We share food, he sleeps in my arms when he’s scared and hides behind me. We rescued him from the safari park, but we cannot release him into the wild because he has lived in captivity all his life, ”said Sarah. 

  “Archie spends every day with us and is madly in love with water. He really likes it when I take him to new places, so this photo session was a delight for him, ”added Veronika Dichka in her post.

All animals, without distinction, wild or not, are important for our survival as a human species. 

The friendship that Veronica and Archie managed to establish is an example of why it is imperative to respect, care for and preserve them for the good of humanity.
Most importantly, Archie looks quite happy in Veronika’s company. 

Despite how infrequently we see these animals acting as pets, the truth is that Sarah and Archie are the best friends anyone could want to have.


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