Sunday, March 29, 2015

She Found This Injured Baby Squirrel Barely Alive. After Rehab Centers Denied Him, She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

We adopted this badly injured baby squirrel. He fell from a nest and was most likely attacked by some birds.

His left eye was hurt pretty bad. My grandmother found him and first thought he was dead but he moved faintly when she was going to move him out of the road so she put him in a small cardboard box, called me and asked if I could take care of him.

We contacted a couple of rehabilitation places here in Finland but none of them could take him at the time. They gave us some info about what we should feed him and such - pine cones, nuts, fruits, berries and mushrooms.

When it seemed like he had recovered, we tried to release him back to the wild but he fell from a tree and hit a rock. He survived, but we realized that his eye would never heal completely and he wouldn't survive on his own.

So we kept him and named him "Arttu."

We were very surprised how tame he became. He liked to have playful "fights" with our hands and he was smart enough not to bite too hard. He also liked to take naps in our pockets. He even recognized his "family" and became very wary if there were strangers nearby.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Dad Puts Mom On Speakerphone. Now Watch Their Puppy’s Reaction…

Boxer puppies are some of the cutest little pups out there. They’re playful, curious, energetic, and have the absolute best facial expressions of the bunch.

Meet Harvey: He’s only a few months old, so everything in the world is still pretty new to this little guy. When Harvey’s human mother was away, Dad decided to have some fun with the pup and put his wife on speaker phone.

Understandably, Harvey doesn’t know much of anything about technology — and so he gets seriously confused.

The pup sees the phone, but he just can’t seem to understand where his momma’s voice is coming from, so he sort of cocks his head to the side to say “please explain” to his dad. You have to feel a little bad for this pup, but his confused face is just too precious. I couldn’t stop laughing!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

He Picks Up A Lost Baby, But Watch What Happens When Mom Hears Him Chirp… OMG!

Patrick was standing outside on his smoke break when he heard a peeping sound nearby. After some investigation, Patrick found a teeny, tiny baby bird trapped upside down in a PVC pipe. The baby bird, a killdeer, had gotten away from his mom and dad and was lost and helpless. And so freakin’ adorable!

Patrick knew he had to reunite the little one with his family. He could hear the bird’s parents freaking out because they couldn’t find him. When Patrick carefully places the baby onto the concrete, what he captured on camera is truly a heartwarming sight.

He didn’t have to be a hero that day — especially for such a small family, and one that many other people would completely overlook — but he earned himself a place among the internet’s animal heroes.

In the end, you can hear Patrick say, “that was one of the coolest things that has ever happen to me.” What an awesome guy...

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This Guy Does The UNTHINKABLE For An Old Dog Chained Up For 14 Years…WOW

In 2012, Thayne Hamilton was encouraged by friends and family to enter a contest on Seattle-based Talk It Up TV. The winner of the $1,000 prize would be chosen by votes. When the TV station read Thayne’s story, they immediately knew he’d be the winner.

Thayne and his wife Christine shared in their love of dogs. They were so passionate, in fact, that over the past 10 years they’d taken in at least 20 rescue dogs at their home in Orcas Island, WA. Their home became the Grey Muzzle Rescue. These dogs were abandoned, unwanted and horribly neglected and abused. Not to mention, they were senior dogs, so it was likely they’d be euthanized at many shelters. But Thayne and Christine cared for these dogs like they were family, and they did it all on their modest, fixed income.

But one day, tragedy struck. Christine received a terminal diagnosis, and decided to let nature take its course. It was more important to her to save the house and home for the dogs than to pay for her hospital treatments. Thayne honored his wife’s wishes and never stopped caring for dogs. At the time this video was shot, Thayne was supporting nine dogs out of his own pocket.

In the video below, Thayne invited cameras into Grey Muzzle Rescue, where Talk It Up TV gives him the surprise of his life. He and his dogs certainly earned it. What an amazing video and even more amazing family!

Thayne Hamilton won a contest presented by a Seattle news channel. He was ecstatic when he and his dog rescue heard the news, and he then opened his doors for the cameras and the rest of the world...

The dogs under his care are senior dogs who have experienced lifetimes of neglect and abuse. When no one else would take them in, Thayne and his wife Christine gave them a second chance.

Sadly, Christine passed away, leaving the rescue house to Thayne. He built a graveyard and memorial so that Christine could be surrounded by her beloved dogs who also passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

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