Wednesday, December 17, 2014

These Birds Challenge Each Other In A Dance-Off—And Leave The Owners In Stitches!

I had a pet bird growing up, and I could always count on him for a hearty laugh. There’s something about birds that make them the goofiest animal of all — and I love pretty much every internet video that features our feathered friends.

Here, we meet two birds of a feather — Jonathan and Sadie, a macaw and cockatoo. And on this particular day, Jonathan decided to get a little jiggy with it, and he ended up “challenging” Sadie to an epic dance battle. As the two birds fight to the finish, their owners can hardly keep a straight face. Rock it out, guys!

At :40, I couldn’t stop laughing either. Watching these silly birds get down and funky almost makes me wanna dance!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This Injured Deer Is Caught In The Fence. Now Watch What The Pit Bull Does…

A woman named Loreal found a young deer caught up in her fence on her property, struggling and exhausted. That’s when her Pit bull, Gotti, did something that blew my mind.

While many people think Pit Bulls are a vicious breed, this kindhearted, gentle dog did what he could to comfort the injured animal. He lay down by the deer’s side and licked the deer’s legs as Loreal rescued the deer to safety — and caught it all on camera!

Once the deer was untangled, Loreal called an animal rehab crew to come and help while the deer rested in her garden. And it looks like the deer wanted Gotti to stay by its side! Awww!!



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