Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Man Isolated Himself From Society For Over 25 Years With Only His Dog In The Desert. What He Reveals Inside This Cave Is Incredible!

In the high desert of Northern New Mexico, you can hear the sounds of a man entranced in his work underground in a cave. You will see a small entry that opens into a cavern, where Ra Paulette has spent the last 25 years carving New Mexico’s sandstone into magnificent art. He’s spent years doing this work with the company of only his dog.

When asked if he is a man obsessed with cave digging, he gives the really thoughtful response: “Is a child obsessed with play?” He waxes on to say, that when you love what you are doing, you are driven to do it all the time. He sees his majestic pieces as environmental projects; his goal is to inspire people such that they open up emotionally, in response to the enormity and power of what his carvings evoke.

It can be said that he has created magic in the underground caves that he has carved. They are at once intimate and overwhelming. Interestingly, Ra doesn’t see himself as an artist, but simply as a man expressing his sense of wonder in a passionate way. I would beg to differ with his opinion that he is not an artist. What he has created, is livable art of unbelievable power.

The video you are about to watch tells the rest of his story, and gives you a tour of his magnificent caves. Unbelievably, his work had no notoriety until a filmmaker asked to do a documentary about Ra. Called “Cave Digger”, the film ended up winning an academy award! Please share your reactions to this story of peaceful man who’s purpose was a dedication to his craft. I can guarantee that you are about to view something you have never seen before.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kitten Saved by Loving Dog Now is Part of Husky Pack

Rosie the rescue kitty was saved by a husky who changed her life forever! Now the kitty thinks she’s part husky and is living her life in a pack with her canine buddies.

Photo: @lilothehusky

Rosie the kitten was found when she was 3 weeks old. Lilo the Husky dog took to her when she was very sick and brought her back to life. It was quite a miracle!

Today Rosie is all grown up and is part of the husky clan of four. She goes on walks with her canine family and shares every adventure with them.

When Rosie and Lilo met…
Photo: @lilothehusky

Lilo is very protective of her kitty!
Photo: @lilothehusky

They teach Rosie how to walk…
Photo: @lilothehusky

…and share every moment with her.
Photo: @lilothehusky

Wherever Lilo is, Rosie follows :).
Photo: @lilothehusky

Rosie thinks she’s really a husky!
Photo: @lilothehusky

Photo: @lilothehusky

Going on a biking adventure together!
Photo: @lilothehusky

Happy furry family!
Photo: @lilothehusky


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Her Family Dumps Her For A Younger Dog. When The Shelter Notices THIS, They Take A Photo.

The internet has quickly fallen in love with an old dog named Cookie. Though her story begins as a heartbreaking one, rest assured there is sweet redemption.

Cookie, a senior cocker spaniel, was picked up as a stray alongside a one-year-old lab. As it turned out, the two pups were owned by the same family. The owner arrived at the San Bernadino shelter to claim the dogs. Well, to claim one of the dogs, that is.

In a shocking and bold move, the family took their lab home with them, surrendering Cookie and leaving her behind. The shelter snapped a photo of Cookie, who watched her family walk away with her younger canine sibling. She cried and whimpered for their return.

It’s sad but true; countless dogs are given up all the time just for being older — and many of these senior dogs are put down when they can’t find new families to adopt them. Lynn Hamilton of OC Small Paws So UT wasn’t about to let Cookie be just another sad statistic. When she saw a heartbreaking photo of Cookie waiting for her family to come back to her, Lynn knew she needed to do something… and fast…

Within a month, Cookie’s story went viral, and you’re about to see what happened next.

Animal lovers are falling hard for a dog named Cookie. This old cocker spaniel and a young labrador were picked up as strays and impounded at the San Bernadino shelter in California. The family who owned the two dogs went to the shelter, but their decision is what makes this story so difficult to comprehend.

The family claimed their one-year-old lab, but left nine-year-old Cookie behind.

Cookie watched her family walk away, crying out in abandonment.

Lynn Hamilton of OC Small Paws So UT wasn’t about to let Cookie spend one more day alone. Thanks to Lynn and her rescue team, Cookie was set up with a wonderful foster home who saw an ad for the abandoned dog.

Cookie was ushered off to a brand new life, full of cuddles, warmth, treats, and affection.

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to surrender older dogs. Sadly, many senior dogs who require special care and medical attention are given up by the very people who are supposed to take care of them.

Had OC Small Paws So UT not stepped in, there’s a good chance Cookie would have been euthanized.

Cookie found happiness once again, but vets found something else — over 12 cancerous tumors. Thankfully, her dedicated veterinarian was able to remove most of them.

As a result of Cookie’s medical state, the folks at OC Small Paws So UT formed a shell of care and protection around her. “We have made the collective decision to not adopt her out,” the staff announced on Facebook. “She will stay under the care of the rescue for the rest of her life. She also will be under the care of our vet who has already done her first surgery.”

Within just a few short weeks, the internet has gone crazy for Cookie. People are outraged that her original family threw her away, but grateful to those who gave her the second chance she deserves.

Cookie is currently healing from her first surgery and is slated to undergo a second procedure to remove the remaining tumors. The rest of her life will be full of love, and she’ll be surrounded by a band of animal heroes who want nothing but the best for her.

Thank God for the heroes who gave Cookie her second chance. Please SHARE her story with your dog-loving friends on Facebook!


Monday, February 8, 2016

When You See What This Hungry Dog Did To A New Born Baby You Will Be Shocked

This is one of the most disturbing things you’ll see all day, yet it’s also equally inspiring… and it’s all because of what one special dog did.

Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Many of you know that we live in a world that is filled with cruel people who are from all walks of life ready to kick and step on others when they are down and jab the life out of another soul just to make themselves feel better in their own skin.

It really does exist, and you may think that I’m off beat, but let’s take a look at abandonment. Countless poor puppies are abandoned every year by people for simple things like ruining a carpet. Others are abandoned for such heart breaking reasons like their owners believe they are defective“. Many different people exist in today’s world, and what you’re about to see is downright horrible. Despite how cruel people are to dogs, especially the unwanted and strays, this post will show you just how dignified stray dogs are.

Just because they’re homeless doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love or even life itself. One day on the streets of Oman, a famished stray dog was in search of food on the street. Instead of finding food it found something quite shocking: a newborn baby. The baby was just a few hours old, and even still it’s umbilical cord attached! The dog had not eaten in so long, and was so hungry, so he picked up the baby.

Image Credit: Petsfans

Some may think that the dog would then make a meal out of this helpless newborn. But no, the homeless dog wanted to make sure that the baby was off the street and out of harm’s way and found a loving home that would take care of it. What the dog did next was incredible. It went to the nearest house carrying the baby gently in it’s mouth, placed it on the ground in front of the door and barked loudly to get attention.

Image Credit: Petsfans

The dog’s plan worked as the family quickly rushed to the front door to see what was going on, only to be met with the shocking surprise the dog brought for them. They took the baby to the hospital immediately and this baby is STILL alive thanks to this homeless dog’s kindness and thinking. It placed the needs of another way above his own, and that’s why dog’s are referred to as “man’s best friend.” The baby’s biological parents may have thought their newborn was a nuisance and disposed of it like trash, but thankfully there was a dog with a heart to save it and give it a second chance to live a life filled with love.

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