Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mom Tries To Pull The Cat From The Christmas Tree, But I’m Sorry—It’s HILARIOUS!

There is definitely something about cats and Christmas trees.

When our cat was younger, he definitely had it out for every tree we brought home. We could never figure out if it was the ornaments or the blinking lights, but at least once a week we would come home to him trying to pull the entire thing down to the ground. A few years he even succeeded! It got to the point where we left the first couple of branches bare so he wouldn’t be able to grab something and pull the entire tree down around him.

In this funny compilation video, you’ll see a lot of cats just like my family’s cat – cats that have a serious ax to grind against Christmas trees. Whether they climb inside the trees, jump on top of them, or just generally try to pull them apart, these cats would like to take down every Christmas tree they see, thank you very much!


This Special Friendship Between Horses and a Puppy Will Definitely Melt Your Heart!

The commercial features the classic Budweiser commercial mascots, the Clydesdales, as well as an adorable yellow Labrador puppy. This trailer documents the two animals and their unlikely friendship. Get ready for some tender moments, and maybe grab a tissue!


Friday, December 19, 2014

This Might Be The Scariest Trail In The World. But You'll NEVER Guess Where It Leads. Unbelievable.

We hope you're not afraid of heights because this made my palms sweat. What you see below is a mountain in China called Mt. Hua Shan. At its base, you'll find a gigantic set of stone stairs, called "the Heavenly Stairs." These stairs go so high up the mountainside, it's hard to see where they end. If that wasn't enough, the precarious stairs lead to the world's most dangerous trail, the Hua Shan plank path. The plank trail leads high up the Hua Shan mountain just outside the city Xi’an. No one will force you to wear safety gear, although it's strongly encouraged. The trail itself is dangerous and stunning, but what is at the top will really shock you.

The stairs themselves, although beautiful, are daunting.

And they are the easiest part of the climb.

However, countless people make the dangerous journey for what's at the top...

As you climb the stairs, you pass little villages and houses that have cropped up on the mountain.

Then, once you get high enough, you can take a gondola to the southern peak, where the plank path awaits.

This is where the path turns truly dangerous, with nothing but planks to walk on and a rail of chains to hold onto.

There's almost nothing from keeping you from falling.

There are parts you must climb as well, with toe holes cut out.

Our palms are sweating just looking at this path.

... Woah.

But, if you're brave enough to keep climbing...

You'll find something pretty interesting at the end of your journey.

At the very top of the southern peak is a Taoist temple that was converted into a teahouse.

Thousands of people climb the world's most dangerous path to end up at a teahouse.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

A deer walked into their yard. The footage they captured stunned the world!

Anyone who thinks that animals don’t show emotion and develop friendships needs to see this stunning video! When Pip was just a few days old, her mom got scared and ran away from her baby fawn. Kate the great dane stepped in to help, and a beautiful friendship was born. When the deer started playing with the dog at "1:42", my soul literally melted. Is this not the most adorable thing you’ve seen in a long time?

If you are interested on how did that friendship start, click here.



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