Monday, April 20, 2015

See The Tiny Dog? He Likes Playing With His Best Friend, But Wait Until You See Who It Is!

Meet Ruggles, he’s the adorable little rescue puppy in the video below. His favorite thing to do is play and romp around with his human friends.

But this adorable little puppy angel has already had a pretty tough life, the poor little Shih-Tzu was born and raised in a horrible puppy mill. The conditions at this particular dog factory were so terrible that a police bust was called in and little Ruggles was finally freed from the horrific environment.

It’s a shame that Ruggles had to go through such a terrible start to his tiny little life, but thankfully he was saved by some good humans!

Ruggles’ story just goes to show you that we should always be kind to our wonderful furry friends.

Though it took some time and patience for the sweet little guy to gain his health and confidence back, the video below will show you that he is happy once again. Luckily, he made a best friend who helped him along the way. All animals deserve a “forever home,” and the two adorable animals in this sweet clip are no exception!

Make sure to spread the word that puppy mills are harmful to all of our dog friends!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Tough Prison Inmate Raised This Dog, But Watch What Happens When He Says Goodbye

Castaways is a documentary series chronicling the successful rehabilitation program of inmates that train unwanted dogs for re-introduction or adoption. The series highlights the plight that both prisoners and unwanted dogs face, and how an unlikely union between the two brings out a change in character of both man and beast — each trying to save and serve the other. The results are life-changing for the prisoner, the dog, and the future pet owner.

In the video below, you’ll meet a dog named Esther who was severely abused in a puppy mill before being rehabilitated through the Prison-trained K-9 Companion Program. It’s simply incredible to watch as Jason, a prison inmate, forms his bond with Esther, and eventually must say an emotional goodbye after successfully training her and helping her emerge from her shell.

It’s truly heartwarming — because, while many people shun both inmates and “undesirable” breeds like pit bulls and rottweilers, this program gives them an opportunity to look to each other for affection, friendship, and understanding and to foster each other’s growth. This type of program should be employed in more prisons across the country.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

He Says His Dog Can Talk. When She Starts Singing, The Audience Loses It

Marc Metral has a unique bit he does with his dog, Wendy. When he brings her out on stage, the audience and judges are very skeptical about her ability to talk. But once she starts singing, the entire audience loses it.

I can't wait to see what they do next!

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

She Lay Lifeless On The Campground. Now Watch What A Stray Dog Does…

When Amanda heard about a lost, lonely dog at Evans Creek campground in Washington state, she and her friend Dylan decided to do the unthinkable.

The two girls — now being hailed heroes — posted photos illustrating the great lengths they went to in order to rescue the frightened, emaciated dog known as “Bear,” who wouldn’t let any humans get close.

For an hour, Amanda and Dylan tried to lure the dog with food, but it didn’t work. The next day when they went back, the dog was in the same spot. Again, they tried to coax him with food, but to no avail. That’s when they got creative. Very creative.

Pretending she was injured and in need of help, Amanda laid down in fetal position on the gravel and started crawling backward toward the dog. In fact, she spent the next hour slowly inching closer and closer to Bear. When he voiced his discomfort, she’d start whimpering and yawning, which is a calming signal, and continued to inch closer until she rested directly on his side!

For two hours, Amanda and Bear cuddled, until he finally let her slip a lead around his neck. Bear was finally safe.

Bear is on the road to recovery thanks to these two incredible heroes. Because of his eventual friendliness, they think he got lost from his family. They’re trying to find the dog’s owners, but if no one claims him, a local rescue group will help find him a loving home.

A frightened, starving dog nicknamed "Bear" was alone in a park, with no one to turn to. When Amanda heard about him, she and her friend decided to do something about it. Whatever it took.

After trying to coax the dog with food to no avail, Amanda curled up on the gravel road right by Bear, but with her back to him. He growled a little bit, but eventually got close enough to smell her. She laid in the road like this for 20 minutes before Bear lost interest and wandered off.

But she didn't give up. Again, Amanda got down on the ground with her back to the dog and slowly started crawling backwards.

For the next hour, she stay curled up in a ball, inching closer and closer to Bear.

Amanda knew how delicate the situation was. She made sure not to try to grab him because she didn’t want to lose the trust she was beginning to build.

Finally, she got right up next to Bear. She made "comfort" sounds, and continued to slowly get closer until she was rested right up against his body. Incredible!

Bear was emaciated -- his bone and ribs were sticking out. But Amanda and Dylan finally earned Bear's trust. They could have given up hours ago, but they acted with patience and understanding.

Finally, Bear allowed the girls to place a lead around his neck. He's safe at last!

That night, Amanda discovered Bear wanted to be carried everywhere, and she happily obliged! The two snuggled together until they got to the vet, where Bear is currently on the road to recovery. What an AMAZING story that should be seen by all -- please SHARE Bear's story with your friends on Facebook!



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