Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This Is Why You Should Be Sleeping On Your Left Side

Everyone knows that sleep is very important for maintaining a good physical and mental health. However, the duration of your sleep is just as important as the way in which you sleep. Your sleep position can influence your health, help in keeping your skin look young, and improve your digestive health.

Furthermore, sleeping on the left side of your body can even save your life. If you are currently sleeping in another position, keep reading to find out why you should start sleeping on your left side right now.


There are several sleeping positions – your front, your back, your left side, and your right side – and they all affect your health. Sleeping on the back can be particularly dangerous for people with sleep apnea or asthma, because it can cause breathing difficulties.

Sleeping on the right side is likely to worsen digestion problems, whereas sleeping on the left side may improve digestive symptoms.


Sleeping on the left side is believed to greatly improve the health and even save lives. In holistic medicine, the left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side, and while you’re sleeping on this side, your body will have more time to filter toxins, lymph fluid, and waste through the thoracic duct and the lymph nodes.

On the other hand, sleeping on your right side may cause your lymphatic system to run more slowly. You don’t want this to happen, because a lymphatic system that doesn’t run at full efficiency can become incapable of filtering toxins or properly moving lymph fluid throughout the body. This increases your risk of deadly diseases due to the build-up of toxins.

When you start sleeping on your left side, you might notice your body becoming more efficient at toxin disposal through waste. This happens because this position improves the digestive system, and allows your body to promptly extract nutrients and dispose toxins.


If you normally sleep on your back, your front, or your right side, you might wonder how to break that habit and start sleeping on your left side. This will take some time and practice, but it is possible to quickly train your body to sleep in this position. Here are some tips:

You can try lying on your left side and press a full-length body pillow up against your back. The pillow will prevent you from rolling over during the night.

Try switching the side of the bed you sleep on. This will make it easier for you to flip to your other side and enjoy the same sleeping experience.

Another trick is to keep a dim light lit on your right side. Since your body will naturally want to turn away from the light during sleep, it will make it easier for you to sleep on your left side.

Try these small changes as soon as you can – they will improve your sleep routine and lead you to a better health.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

She Told Him To Put Away His Bowl. But What THIS Dog Did Next Had Mom In HYSTERICS! So CUTE!

Jack Russell Terriers are an incredible dog breed. They have limitless energy, and can really outsmart you! They can adapt well to any environment and any family, as long as their need of running around is fulfilled. The family in the following video seems to have really understood this, and has trained their adorable little dog to do many useful things around the house.

Meet Jesse. This pint-sized pooch may look small, but he performs the best tricks! He looks more than happy to be helping his owners load the dishwasher and washing machine, wiping windows and even closing doors. This seems to be a great way to release the Jack Russell’s limitless energy even while indoors, don’t you think?

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

100 Horses Were Trapped On An Island. But Then 7 Women Do The UNTHINKABLE…

It was in 2006 that the world learned that about 100 horses were somehow stranded on an island in the Netherlands. A storm pushed seawater into the wilderness area outside the dikes of Marrum. Sadly, 19 horses passed away as a result while the remaining horses ended up marooned on a lowland knoll for three days. News of this story spread across the globe but rescue efforts failed. The horses needed to be lured through the water to safe grounds but nobody could figure out a way of doing this safely. Another storm was approaching, spelling doom for the trapped horses, but that’s when a post appeared on the Friesian horse forum: “Horses and riders sought… Only experienced riders with horses without fear of water.” 7 female riders responded: Susan, Christina, Micky, Hinke, Antje, and Fardow. Watch the video below to see how these brave women rescued nearly 100 horses!

The Great Netherlands Horse Rescue made news all around the world in 2006. A storm left about 100 horses marooned on a lowland knoll.

The horses were trapped for 3 days and grew weak.

Rescue attempts were made but ultimately failed. But then, someone posted on a horse forum seeking experienced riders with horses without fear of water…

Meet Norma Miedema… she refused to give up and started the Netherlands Horse Rescue.

Several women responded to the post on the horse forum. They met the following day and risked their own lives to guide the trapped horses to safety!

The six women who saved the day risked were honoured for their courage and bravery.

Here’s the very last horse, making it back to safety and being attended to by veterinarians.

The story of the trapped horses and their rescuers would forever be remembered…

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fireman Finds Something Left In The Fire. When I Saw What It Was, I Cried

Watching firemen save lives of animals is awesome but they do so much more, they save children and adults, as do the police, Doctors and Nurses. We thank them all and pray they keep safe too.

Just proves that with all the crap that is going on in the world there are still some good people out there. And I’m so happy to see the happy outcome to this story thanks to the brave Firemen who put their lives on the line each & every day to save not only humans but also animals.

Congrats to the CA fire department for saving a little kitten. That brought a tear to my eye!! These are happy stories! Share with your friends please.



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